Single Origin of the Month 500g


Single Origin of the Month 500g


Ecuador – Imbabura

Roast degree: Light
Aroma: Ripe Peach
Flavour: Mandarin, Tropical Fruits, Plantain
Body: Medium
Acidity: Mandarin Like
Finish: Peachy

Description: From the far north region of Ecuador, just one province away from the Colombian border, Milton Uribe has located a beautiful region to grow amazing coffee. Naming his farm ‘The Hunch’, he was going off a hunch about the land when he purchased it, and it has since been proven Milton’s hunches come from a good source! Working in a close relationship with coffee importers from the U.S. & Australia, Milton has been learning and growing his harvesting techniques, and as a result, seeing great improvement on the coffee in the cup year after year. With incentives and rewards for employees on his farm, Milton understands that to produce excellent coffee, means treating your staff well, and encouraging & rewarding attention to detail throughout the harvest.

As Espresso expect rich and sweet tropical fruits & plantain to shine throughout the cup. With a sweet, mandarine-like acidity we’ve found that lingers into a smooth, peachy finish.

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